March 11, 2021

Denne uken har vi tatt imot TO nye kull her på Vestmarka! Winja og Alma er stolte mødre til deres første kull. Begge tispene var supre under fødsel, og koser seg sammen med sine små. Nå ser vi frem til en hektisk, men givende vår med 13 nye små vidundere ♥

Vi har hatt enorm pågang på epost fra håpefulle Aussie-interesserte. Alle skal få svar, men det tar dessverre litt tid å komme gjennom alle epostene i en hverdag med småbruk, hunder og jobb. Vi planlegger et spennende kull senere i år også, så interesserte må gjerne fortsette å ta kontakt, men jeg tar ikke imot flere på interesseliste for disse to kullene nå.


March 1, 2021

Happy news!! Kenna har nå fått sine røntgenresultater og er avlest med B hofter og 0 albuer! Hun er også øyelyst på nytt, og er fri, med unntak av samme tilstand som hun fikk påvist på øyelysing når hun var ung. Dette er kort fortalt rester fra fosterstadie, og ikke noe som påvirker hennes syn eller hennes muligheter til å eventuelt gå i avl.


July 21, 2020

Today Ica gave birth to 6 lovely puppies! 5 boys and 1 girl! 5 black tricolors and 1 blue merle (male). Mom and pups are doing fine!


January 11, 2020


Happy New Year!

We are proud to announce that we started the year with a new parthership! We can proudly say that our dogs eat Genesis Pure Canada sponsored by Top Pet Products, www.toppetproducts.no. We are so happy that they wanted to cooperate with us :)

Looking forward to the show season of 2020! We also plan for two litters this year, so don't hesitate to contact me, preferably by email, if you are looking for a new training/hiking buddy!



November 10, 2019

This morning Keira gave birth to one lovely puppy. A red merle bitch with long tail. The proud father is McMatt Grafitti Kiss Me Now.
She is currently not available. Keira and her pup is doing great!


August 18, 2019

Our young girl Alma got her results recently, and has A hips, 0 elbws and clear eyes!


May 25, 2019

WHAT A DAY at the Norwegian Australian Shepherd Specialty show 2019 in Biri!

Our young girl "Alma", Leadpoint P Is For Pancake, went BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR and BEST IN SHOW!

Dexter Exc, CQ, 2nd best male
Louis Exc, CQ, 4th best male
Eyesa Exc, CQ, 3rd best jr bitch
Mocca Exc, CQ, best intermediate bitch
Ica Exc & best progeny group
Avada Exc
Thalia Exc
Kevin Exc
Avicii VG

Louis' son Diversity Amazing Alvin went BOS junior and 3rd best male with CAC!

Huge congrats to our dear friends Helene & Kygo with BOS!


April 28, 2019

A great show weekend! On saturday Louis became second best male with res. CAC, beaten by his son Balder who took
Best Of Breed with CAC!

Saturday we had an even better day!

Louis: BOB with his final CAC and NEW NORWEGIAN CHAMPION
Indra: BOS with CAC
Avada: Exc

Louis sons Balder and Alvin placed as 2nd and 3rd best males!


March 6, 2019

This past weekend we went to a double show in Letohallen with Ica, Kevin, Avicii and Alma. We got what we wanted and
even more!


Ica: BOB with CAC
Alma: 3 BB with res. CAC
Kevin: Exc
Avicii: VG


Ica: BOS
Alma: 2BB with CAC
Avicii: 3BM


March 2, 2019

Our sweet Mocca has finally recieved her health results!

ED: 0

We are so happy! Mocca is co-owned with Nina Eilertsen, Kennel Diversity.

The puppies from Louis x Stella has also gotten a few good results! For now, 4 have been x-rayed, and all clear!

Diversity Amazing Austin - HD: A/B, ED: 0
Diversity Amazing Aslan - HD: A, ED: 0
Diversity Amazing Alvin - HD: A, ED: 0
Diversity Amazing Aslak - HD: B/A, ED: 0


December 2, 2018

A few good news lately!

NUCH Ilumineer Wonderful Me "Keira" - eyes CLEAR Oct 2018
NJV-15 Black Friday Nescaland "Kevin" - eyes CLEAR Oct 2018
Leadpoint Identity Crisis - eyes CLEAR Oct 2018

Leadpoint Remember Me "Indra" HD: A - ED: 0 - Eyes clear
Leadpoint Survival Of The Fittest "Mio" HD: B - ED: 0 - Eyes clear
Leadpoint Many Happy Returns "Avada" HD: A - ED: 0 - Eyes clear

A couple of not so good news..

Leadpoint Blood Must Have Blood "Dexter" ED: 0/2 - Eyes clear
Jolly Joker od Haliru "Vinni" - AD: A - ED: 1 - Eyes clear

And a couple of show results!

Seventy Seven Belle Des Champs "Mocca" went 2BB with res. Nordic CAC, res. CAC and got her title NORDJV-18!
Leadpoint P Is For Pancake "Alma" went BOB puppy at the Nordic Winner Show, and her brother
Leadpoint I'm With Stupid "Avicii" went BOS at the same show.
NJV-15 Black Friday Nescaland "Kevin" went best open male at the Norwegian Winner Show with CQ.
Leadpoint Dirty Little Secrets "Ava" won agility 1 and got her second leg at the Norwegian Winner Show.

Leadpoint Girl Code "Maggie" got HP, BOB puppy and Best of Group 2 at an unofficial show last weekend!

Leadpoint Beyon Therapy "Mille" went to her first puppy show yesterday and got HP, BOB puppy and Best of Group 4!

Leadpoint Beyond Therapy


September 3, 2018

So happy to announce that we have the x-ray results of the two first pups from our "The 100"-litter!

Leadpoint Into An Abyss "Alba": Hips A, elbows 0, eyes clear
Leadpoint Coupe De Grace "Lexa": Hips B, elbows 0

I'm so happy with the results, and thankful to my wonderful puppy buyers that take such good care of "my babies"!


July 8, 2018

Another great day in Tresfjord!!

Red Angel Elvikam - BOB, BEST OF GROUP 3
Leadpoint Blood Must Have Blood - BOS, CAC
Leadpoint Identity Crisis - Exc
Leadpoint Inside Track - VG
Leadpoint Many Happy Returns - Exc


July 7, 2018

Louis has joined auntie Simone, together with Dexter and Camilla, today on the first day of the summershow in Tresfjord.
Leadpoint Blood Must Have Blood, 11 months old - BEST OF BREED with CAC, co-owned with Camilla Søvik
Dexter later became BEST OF GROUP!!!!
Leadpoint Inside Track - CQ, 2nd best male with res. CAC - Mike is owned by Liv Synnøve
Leadpoint Identity Crisis - CQ, 3rd best male
Leadpoint Many Happy Returns - very good with excellent critique, needs more time. Avada is owned by Simone Lunheim
Red Angel Elvikam - BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX - Angel is now owned by Simone Lunheim

All of our dogs were handled by Simone with a little help from Camilla. So proud of all of them!


June 30, 2018

Leadpoint A Hot Piece Of A attended the International Dog show in Trondheim today. She got excellent, but without CQ
as the judge prefered her in full coat and not her bikini :) Later that day she also passed the Bronze Award test in obedience!
Way to go Ingunn and Thalia!

Several of Kevin and Louis' offspring also attended the show with good results!
Aysablue Epic Euphora - Exc
Aysablue Epic Empire - Exc
Diversity Amazing Alvin - BOB puppy, BEST OF GROUP 3 puppy
Diversity Amazing Annabelle - BOS puppy
Diversity Amazing Aisa - 2nd best female 6-9 months
Diversity Amazing Aslan - 2nd best male 6-9 months

Huge congrats to the breeders and owners! Granny, Kevin and Louis are proud!


April 5, 2018

We are expecting puppies! Ica has been bred to handsome Vice, who is currently on a visit in France, and her pregnancy
has been confirmed by ultrasound! We are so excited about this combination and can't wait to see the little ones!


March 8, 2018

Super news from Crufts 2018. Leadpoint Errors And Omissions "Harvey" was 3rd in open dogs in a class filled with
beautiful dogs!

Harvey at WDS. Photo: Vaclav Halir


January 22, 2018

We got the first X-ray results from Angels litter today. Not the best HD news, still waiting for elbows.

Leadpoint The Naked Truth "Tia" - HD: C


October 9, 2017

Louis got his eyes cleared today! :)


August 1, 2017

We have puppies!!


July 9, 2017


We have been to 2 x National show in Tresfjord this weekend, and we had no idea how the weekend would turn out!

Leadpoint Identity Crisis "Louis"

Saturday: Best male, CAC, Best of Breed, Best of GROUP and BEST IN SHOW 4

Saturday: Best male, CAC, Best of Breed, Best of GROUP and BEST IN SHOW 3

A super weekend for our 17 months old boy! So proud of him and his accomplishments on the last shows!


Our puppy Maya, Leadpoint Touched By An A-ngel also had a great weekend! Her co-owner Hilde entered the ring for
the first time with Maya, and together they achieved great results!

Saturday: Best of Breed puppy, 3rd Best of Group

Sunday: Best of Breed puppy, 2nd Best of Group

A great start for Hilde and Maya <3


We also showed Ica, Goodtrace Love Is All You Need, with Excellent both days.

Leadpoint Inside Track "Mike" got Excellent on saturday, and Very good on sunday (the judge thought he was too
cute, hehe). Mike was handled by my good friend Simone Lunheim, and is owned by Liv Synnøve Heggem.


June 21, 2017

Leadpoint A Hot Piece Of A "Thalia" has been to her second puppy show today! She ended the day going Best Of Breed
and 2nd Best of Group. Way to go Thalia and Ingunn!

Recently also Leadpoint Dirty Little Secrets "Ava" has been out competing. Maren and Ava has been to several Rally-O
competitions and have done really well! After three competitions they have three 1. prizes and are qualified to apply
for the RL1 title! This is the first "working title" for a Leadpoint Aussie. So proud of them!

Thank you so much to my puppy buyers that give my pups a wonderful life filled with fun! <3

Ava and Maren in the Rally Obedience ring


June 3, 2017

We are happy to announce our puppy plans for this summer! If all is going well, Keira will be expecting puppies in the
beginning of August! I'm so excited about this combination, and are expecting puppies with wonderful temperaments,
good on/off buttons, nice structure and a great will to work.


May 27, 2017

What an amazing day at the Norwegian Australian Shepherd Spcialty Show!

Kevin (NJV-15 Black Friday Nescaland) - BEST IN SHOW
Louis (Leadpoint Identity Crisis) - 2nd best male, CAC - BEST IN SHOW JR - best head, best movement!
Thalia (Leadpoint A Hot Piece Of A) - BEST IN SHOW PUPPY
Keira (NUCH Illumineer Wonderful Me) - 2nd best bitch
Angel (Red Angel Elvikam) - 3rd best bitch
Ica (Goodtrace Love Is All You Need) - 2nd best jr bitch
Maya (Leadpoint Touched By An A-ngel) - 2nd best bitch 4-6 months puppy

No need to say I am super proud of these wonderful dogs!

Thalia BIS puppy

Louis BIS junior

Kevin Best In Show


April 30, 2017

We have had a great weekend at Nat. Dogshow in Sunndalsøra! It was a nice weekend with good friends and great results.
Saturday: Kevin BOB, Ica CAC and BOS, Winja CQ 3BB. Little Maya had her debut in puppyclass with a BOB and BOG2 win!
Sunday: Kevin got his last CAC and 2BM, Ica CQ 2BB, Winja exc, Maya BOB puppy and BOG 3.

In Denmark Harvey, Leadpoint Errors And Omissions, was shown with great critiques and results! Saturday he got CQ and
was 2nd best jr male, and sunday he was exc and also 2nd best jr male. I'm so proud of him and his owners!


January 29, 2017

Yesterday Harvey, Leadpoint Errors And Omissions, went to a double dog show in Denmark. At the first show he got
Excellent, CQ, BEST JUNIOR, jr CAC, 3rd best male and his first adult CAC!! The second show he got Exc and BEST JR!
Congratulations to his owners Linda and Anna! You do an amazing job with this gorgeous boy <3

(arkive photo: Harvey 11 months old)


December 27, 2016

I've been updating the individual pages of the puppies from Keiras litter, the Suits-litter. Now you will find new
pictures of all the puppies on their pages! Thank tou to their wonderful owners for taking such good care of them,
and for letting me use your pictures to brag about them <3

Pretty Ava at 11 months. Photo by her owner Maren Johansen


December 24, 2016

We are wishing everybody a Merry Christmas!

From l-r: Keira, Ica, Angel, Eevee, Winja and Kevin <3


December 17, 2016

We have puppies!!

Today Angel gave birth to 7 beautiful girls(!!). All are doing well, and Angel is such a good mommy <3


November 26, 2016

Pregnancy confirmed! We are expecting puppies around December 23!


October 21, 2016

We have exiting news!! Angel has been bred to the lovely Rasmus, and we are crossing our fingers for beautiful,
healthy puppies around christmas!

Today our Suits-litter turn 9 months, and they are now officially done with their puppy careers! They have done
great in the puppy class, having taken several BOB, group placements, and even several Best in Show! We can't wait
to see how things goes now as they are ready to play with the adults from junior class.


October 9, 2016

We've been to National Dogshow in Førde today and got some great results! Kevin was BOB, and later BOG2! Keira went
BOS. Winja was the only puppy I showed and she got BOB and BOG2!! Eevee also attended the show, and was also BOB
with her second CAC and she too was BOG2 :D So it was a day for second places, and we're so happy with our results!


September 3, 2016

Today it was time for another local puppy show! Today Mike and owner Liv Synnøve joined us as well! Ica went BOS
puppy, Winja second best female, Louis BOB and BEST OF GROUP, and Mike second best male! Love these puppies! :)


August 27, 2016

Today was the yearly puppy show in our local dog club! And what a day :D Ica BOS puppy and Winja second best
female. Louis went all the way winning BOB, BOG and BEST IN SHOW :D So proud of this you man!


August 14, 2016

This weekend we have been to the International Dogshow in Lillehammer. Kevin, Winja and Louis was shown.
Kevin BOB with his second CACIB!
Winja second best female puppy
Louis second best male puppy, beaten by his half brother Kygo


July 10, 2016

We had a wet and rainy Saturday at the Nat. dogshow in Tresfjord! But what a day! Luckily we had better weather on
Sunday :) We showed Kevin, Keira and Eevee in the junior and adult classes, and Winja, Louis and Ica in puppy class. Liv
Synnøve also joined with Mike (Leadpoint Inside Track) for his debut in the showring! They all did awesome!

Eevee (only shown Saturday) went BOB with CAC, and BEST OF GROUP!
Kevin BOB and Group 2 on Saturday! BOS on Sunday!
Keira BOS on Saturday, and BOB with a Group 4 on Sunday!
Louis BOB puppy both days, and a Group 2 on Saturday and Group 3 on Sunday!
Winja 2. best puppy bitch on Saturday, and BOS puppy on Sunday!
Ica BOS puppy Saturday, and 2. best puppy bitch on Sunday!
Mike 2. best puppy male both days!

We went home with a big smile on our faces and lots of ribbons :)


May 28, 2016

We have been to the Norwegian Australian Shepherd Specialty show, and once again we can say: WHAT A DAY! This
was Winja and Louis' debut in puppy class, and they did so good! Louis ended up as BOS puppy from the 4-6 month class,
over puppies from the 6-9 month class! Winja was number 2, also over 6-9 month bitches. So proud of them! Angel
also joined us for the day, and she WENT ALL THE WAY! Another BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW winner! The judge loved
her. She really couldn't find any faults with her :) As a bonus, I was awarded the prize for the Handler of the day! :)


May 8, 2016

This years first Int. dogshow was the show in our hometown, Ålesund. Kevin went all the way in the breed ring, winning
BOB with CACIB. No placement in the group. Eevee got excellent at her Int. dogshow debut :) Kevin also joined Sigrid
Svingen in Juniorhandling, and they did an awesome job and ended up with a third place!


April 24, 2016

Finally it's time to start the show season of 2016. We started it with a double Nat. show in Sunndalsøra. Kevin got BOB
with CAC both days, and also ended up as 4t Best of Group on Sunday! Eevee had her debut in Junior class and got Exc
both days! So proud of them both!


March 3, 2016

Recently the results from last years dog/Aussie of the year was published. Keira is SHOW DOG OF THE YEAR in our local
club! So proud :) She is also Show Aussie number 2, rally obedience Aussie number 3 and allround Aussie number 5 in
Australian Shepherd Club Norway! Kevin lies just behind Keira and was Show Aussie number 3! So proud of my babies,
and looking forward to a new year with shows and competitions!


January 21, 2016

This morning Keira gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies! Take a look at our litter page :) We have available puppies for
approved, active homes :)


January 2, 2016

Happy New Year! We have had a great 2015, and are hoping for an even better 2016! We're planning a lot of exciting
shows, and are looking forward to seeing what our two young ones can accomplish in the showring! Hopefully we will
also have time for some obedience and/or rally-obedience competitions, and perhaps some agility for fun :)

We have just started a new chapter in our lives by moving from our old neighbourhood apartment to our new house in
the countryside! Now the dogs got a bigger, fenced garden to run and play and lots of new placed to go for walks :)


November 2, 2015

As Kevin became 1 year the 17th of October, he has now got his hips and elbows X-rayed and eyes checked, and we
couldn't have been more happy with the results! Hips A, elbows 0 and eyes clear! :D He has also got his DNA test for
MDR1 done and got his result +/-.

Some more great news! A couple of weeks ago we went to the Norwegian Winner show in Lillestrøm. Kevin almost
made it all the way, becoming second best male with reserve CAC and got his title "Norwegian Junior Winner 2015".
I'm so proud of what my boy has accomplished so far! Keira got Exc, CQ and was placed 3rd in the champion class.


Septembe 7, 2015

We have had an amazing weekend at the European Dog Show and Norwegian Australian Shepherd Speciality show!
Eevee had her show debute on friday in the puppy class. She was second best bitch after a gourgeous blonde bitch.
Eevee did a very good job and behaved like a professional :) Unfotuantely all the pictures from this day was accidentaly
deleted from the camera, and we therefore have no pictures of Eevee in the ring.

Saturday it was time for the Australian Sheperd speciality show. And WHAT an AMAZING day! Kevin was best junior male,
and ended up as second best male, with his first CAC!! He was also later BEST IN SHOW jr! What a debute in juniorclass!
I'm so proud of this lovely boy! As if this wasn't enough, Keira showed her ass of going BEST IN SHOW over 50 entries!!!!!
She did an amazing job in the ring, as always!

Sunday was the Aussies at EDS. Kevin was "number 5" in junior males, with the comment that he was running weird the
last round. Unfortunatley he was just trying to scratch himself.. But he did such a good job! Keira was placed as number
4 in open class, which we are very satisfied with!


September 3, 2015

We welcome the newest addition to the Leadpoint family! El Fumico Black Berry arrived from Austria today to live
with us in Norway. And you are right, this is no Aussie :) "Eevee" is a pretty, black Afghan Hound, and I'm excited to
getting to know her, and this breed! She will attend her first show this weekend at the Afghan Hound Speciality show,
and we will be going to a local puppy show the weekend after.

Eevee 5 months


May 10, 2015

Another great show weekend! International show in my hometown, Ålesund. Keira went second best bitch with
res. CACIB. She was beaten by another bitch handeled by me, Prada av New Thinking, that now got her NKC-CAC,
and ended up as best of opposite sex :) She only needs one CAC to finish her Norwegian Champion title.

Kevin went Best of Breed in puppyclass, and at the end of the day, he also ended up as BEST OF GROUP!

I also got the chance to show a veteran Pomeranian bitch, and she went 4th best bitch with CK, and BOB Veteran!

We're super happy with this weekends results!

Kevin Best of Group puppy
A big thank you to Chalin Borgund who showed Kevin in the group-finals :)


May 7, 2015

We got confirmation from NKC on Keira's NORWEGIAN CHAMPION title today! Her name is now officially
NUCH Illumineer Wonderful Me



April 26, 2015

We have been to double National dog show in Sunndalsøra this weekend. And what an amazing weekend!!
Saturday Keira went best bitch and best of breed with her second CAC. Later she also went all the way in the
group, becoming BEST OF GROUP from a group of beautiful dogs. I'm so proud of my girl, showing her ass of
for me through a long day at the show!

Sunday Keira also went best bitch and best of breed, earning her third, and last, CAC to become a NORWEGIAN

Kevin had his first time out in puppy class saturday, and he did so good! He became BOB puppy, and later ended
up 3rd best of group! Could not have been more happy with his performance! Really love this boy :)

Kevin repeated his success from saturday, going Best of breed and 3rd best of group!


February 28, 2015

Today our newest addition arrived! Black Friday Nescaland has come all the way from Poland to live with us in
Norway, and we are looking forward to getting to know this lovely boy and to spend many exciting years with him!

Photo: Sunrise/Nescaland Aussies

We've also been taking care of a Welsh Corgi Cardigan for the last month, and it is descided that he will be
staying with us as well! He is a 5 months old dog, also from Poland, named Vivat Volverine Funny Pem "Sammy" :)


November 14, 15 & 16, 2015

Norwegian and Nordic Winner show.
Norwegian Winner: Dio excellent, 3rd in open female.
Nordic Winner: Keira excellent, best female 15-24 months class with CQ


August 16, 2014

Int. Dogshow Oslo, Bjerke: Keira - best jr bitch, and qualified for Crufts 2015!


June 28, 2014

Nat. Dogshow Vestnes: Dio - Best of Breed, CAC, and finally 3rd best of group!



April 17, 2014

We got Keira's hip and elbow results this week. Hips excellent, elbows normal. "A" in the Norwegian scale.


April 11, 2014

Today it is one year since our wonderful Illumineer Wonderful Me "Keira" was born. She got her eyes checked
with no remarks, and had her hips and elbows X-rayed. We're excited to hear the results within a coulpe of weeks.



April 6, 2014

We have been to NKK International dog show in Bergen this weekend. This was Keiras second show in junior
class, and she went all the way this time! Best bitch with CAC and BOB!! Dio was placed as third best bitch and
got the res. CAC. I also showed Mu-Ti-La's Was Designed For Me (Pug), and she was placed as third best jr
bitch. We're so happy with the results!



August 27, 2013

We've had a fantastic show weekend at NKK Int. dog show in Oslo. Dio was 3rd best junior bitch with CK
and lovely words from the judge. I'm so pleased with her performance and results! Joey took it all the way
and ended ut as BOB with CAC over several beautiful dogs! That means he's also qualified for Crufts 2014!

Dio at NKK Bjerke
Dio 3rd best jr bitch with CK

Me and Joey at NKK Bjerke
Joey, BOB with CAC and Crufts qualified!


August 9, 2013

On July 30, 2013 Dio had her first birthday! She was also X-rayed and had her eyes checked.
Her hip- and elbowresults came today and she got top score! Her eyes is also clear.

Dio 7 months


July 8, 2013

On tuesday, 25th of June, I went to Denmark and Illumineer Aussies to pick up the newest addition to the family!
We welcome Illumineer Wonderful Me "Keira" into our lives and look forward to many exciting years with this
wonderful girl! Thank you so much to Naja and Toke for trusting me with her!

Keira 2,5 months


June 30, 2013

Great results from dogshow in Tresfjord! Joey BOB/CAC and Dio BOS with her first CAC! If that wasn't enough,
Joey went on to become second best of group!

Joey BOB and Dio BOS
A Lower Glenelg Galibar's Monchichi "Joey" Best of Breed (and 2 BOG)
Phrostmade's Crown of Light Best of Opposite sex!


April 30, 2013

We have been to NKK Ålesund and the Australian Shepherd Speciality!

At NKK Ålesund Fant became second best male with CK, res. CAC and BOB veteran!
Joey became best junior and 4th best male with CK.

Gjiway's Ivan "Fant". Old photo taken by Karoline Finnøy


At the Aussie Speciality Ayla became best bitch in open class, and the only open bitch with CK.
Dio had her junior debut and was beautifully handeled by Karoline Finnøy. She was almost shortlisted in junior bitches.

I also showed Joey (A Lower Glenelg Galibar's Monchichi) which was placed 3rd best junior male with CK,
and Kendra (Interrogation Great Lady) which got excellent and was shortlisted in the junior class, but not placed.

Gucci Girl av New Thinking "Ayla". Photo: Karoline Finnøy

Phrostmade's Crown of Light "Dio"

A Lower Glenelg Galibar's Monchichi "Joey". Photo: Karoline Finnøy


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