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NUCH NJV-15 Black Friday Nescaland "Kevin", NUCH Goodtrace Love Is All You Need "Ica",
NUCH Illumineer Wonderful Me "Keira" & Leadpoint Tricks Of The Trade "Winja"


I had been reading about the Australian Shepherd for several years, before I finally had the chance to buy my first
Aussie! Ayla came into my life, and one thing was for sure, this was my breed! I strive to breed healthy dogs that excel in sports such as herding, obediece, agility and tracking, but also looks stunning in the showring! The Aussie is a working dog, but also a beautiful showdog and we want to show the world that one Aussie can do both! Health is of course very important and all of our dogs get their hips and elbows x-rayed, and eyes checked yearly. All of my dogs are DNA tested for MDR1, HSF4, CEA(ch), PRA, DM and NCL, and we try to avoid dogs with known connections to epilepsy.


NUCH Goodtrace Love Is All You Need "Ica"


I mostly train my dogs in obedience/rally and agility. The dogs love tracking and dogshows as well! We travel to as many dogshows as we can each year. The dogs love to show off and I love to show them! The dogs also have their own sheep at the farm, and we are looking forward to learn even more about herding!


RLI Leadpoint P Is For Pancake "Alma"
DK N UCH NV-21 Leadpoint Tempting Fate "Kenna"
NUCH Illumineer Wonderful Me "Keira"


We live in Vestmarka, Eidskog, close to the Swedish border, on a farm in the middle of the woods. Here the dogs have lots of space to run and play. We also have a huge forest to go for walks. The dogs live inside the house with me and are a great part of my family. They also share their home with Linus the Ragdoll & Arya the house cat. On the farm we also have sheep, quails, rabbits and guinea pigs.


NUCH NJV-15 Black Friday Nescaland "Kevin"



If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me, preferably by e-mail to start with :)



Elisabeth Borgund Eknes
Eidskog, Norway



Ayla and me
Gucci Girl av NewThinking "Ayla"


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